Be Like Water…


Kelley Wilks, Spiritually Conscious Relationship Coach

“Water is ever changing, it is both hard and soft. Given time, it can erode rock, it always keeps flowing along the path. “ KW

I have a way of seeing things and being joyful and at peace, most of the time. This benefits me and those around me. I also love sharing these tools, and more to spread the joy. Much of this works with groups and teams as well as individuals.
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My Story

As a friend said, I am the one most of my friend come to for advise and when I was diagnosed in 2012 with Breast Cancer, I knew I had to change things in myself. I did and have been Cancer FREE since 2014. It feeds my soul to watch others “get-it” and blossom into their dreams and often far beyond what they thought was ever possible. I call it “new norm” for the new normal which I feel is ever growing.

Another friend referred to me as a Master Manifester. A couple years ago I also went through an intense break-up with my partner in life and business of over 15 years. It was what I have called a ‘Shit-Storm”. It was extremely rough, but it was also a blessing for both of us in so many ways. It goes to the saying, when one door closes others open. Well, I opened a lot and life flooded me with blessings. Because I had done a lot of prep work over the previous few years, I was receptive to what was showing up… That is actually a huge key to manifesting, that and summersaults (we gotta talk for me to tell you that one)!

Another somewhat rare thing is that I am still friends with practically all of my past relationships, including the recent one. This can be more challenging when children are involved but also more rewarding. Crafting Spiritually Conscious Relationships is not a guarantee of this but it makes it far more likely to help you and all your past, present and future relationships, including work, friends and that special someone. This starts with you, because you are the only one you fully have responsibility for. Schedule your Relationship Reading today by going to the contact page and signing up.

Sometimes you just have to pave your own beautiful road!